About Elpida

Elpida Manousogiannaki is a fully trained, qualified massage therapist with more than ten years of experience. She lives and works in Santorini and Athens where she offers a wide range of massage treatments that promote serenity, balance, rejuvenation and wellness. Considering massage therapy both as an art and a science, she has received proper education and professional training, in order to acquire the essential skills for treating each individual, their specific needs and wishes.

She has studied Holistic Massage, Joint Release Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Thai Massage, Foot Reflexology, Rejuvance, Indian Face Massage as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine with a specialty in Acupuncture.
Elpida Manousogiannaki offers Rejuvance Face Massage and Holistic Massage Training Classes throughout the year.

Elpida Manousogiannaki is available for massage sessions and therapies on call, at your accommodation, hotel suite or private villa in Santorini and in Athens. You are invited to contact Elpida for appointments and/or further information.

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