Elpida Manousogiannaki welcomes you to a blissful wellness experience.
Considering massage therapy both as an art and a science that utilizes the loving and healing qualities of touch, we provide high quality massage services to assist you regain harmony in a true body and mind connection.
Our services involve massage treatments and therapies that promote serenity and well-being in the intimacy of your residence, hotel suite or private villa.

Every guest is honored as a unique individual and accompanied in a ritual of relaxation and pleasure.
Indulge yourself with our distinctive menu of massagetherapies, facials &body treatments and/or energy-work sessions created to privilege each individual, their specific needs and their desires.

Our wide selection of treatments is designed with your needs in mind. During the initial consultation, we help you to select the most suitable massage techniques. Whether you favor an energizing rather than a soothing treatment or would prefer gentle or firmer pressure, we are happy to attune to your wishes.

We invite you to come, try our services and see how we can be of service to you.